How to handle users questions

Hello, i want to integrate my App with Insightly, i'm already capable of it through the api (YAY) but i have some questions about "how to handle"  some data.. 


The things is that i have a "form" in my app where the users can add its name and email and a question, obviously i can make a new contact with the name and the email but i don't know how to handle the "question", i want to have a good management of the questions that the users send on my site through the form so that's my question, what's the best way to handle them through insightly? using a third party app?



  • Hi Victor,

    I recommend you capture the value (answer) to the question in your app, then put the data in one of the following places:

    a. contact's description/background field

    b. contact's custom text field i.e. titled "Question?"

    c. contact's linked note

    d. contact's linked task

    When making this decision you should also consider how it applies to the UI, UX, and workflow of your Insightly users to make the best choice for your integration. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp



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  • I would agree with Micah's comments. I would just add that with generic solutions where a user can create their own custom fields you either have to ask them where to put the data ie offer them the choice of their custom fields or put it in one of the known locations such as notes or description.

    I would tend towards a note as they may already have data in the background description area.

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