Default List View Update!

We have had many customers ask for an update to the way List Views work. Previously, List Views would default to the Recently Viewed list.

Your List View will now stay on the last one you were viewing. If you leave the object page or log out, it will return to the last list you were on.

Thank you to our community for helping us build a better product!



  • Hurrah!!!

  • this is getting very frustrating  why can some not help me  and just call  to sort this system out I cannot get reminders because I cannot change from info to my name the guy what set it up has left  my colleagues what's to bin it and buy a new one if we cannot sort it out 

  • Hello Raith,

    Can you provide me with the email address associated with your Insightly Account and the email address you are receiving the Tasks reminders at? 

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