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Lead Activity Report - "Next Task"?

Hello There -

When running a Lead or Opportunity Activity Report, is it possible to include a field for "Next Task", or "Next Activity".  The Next/Last Activity Date is helpful, but I need to be able to show my plans for each lead.




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    Hi Dave,

    The next/last activity dates only apply to tasks linked to the lead/opportunity record. 

    Do you want to include the details of the next or last linked task in your report?

    Thank you,


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    Hello Micah,

    Thank you for your reply.  That is correct, I'd like to be able to show the details/description of my next &/or last linked task.  My understanding is that it can only be done by creating a custom field titled, "Last Task", etc.  But perhaps there is an update in the future that would have this feature built in?

    Thanks again!

    Kind Regards,


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