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  • In the new version of Insightly - I have created a task from a note, but the note is not linked to the task. I have to go to "related" in the task and click on the contact associated with the task (which has copied through from the note), then in the contact click "related" to find and reopen the note. In the Classic Insightly, the note showed as a link in the task when using the "create task from note " function. Is this a bug? Thanks

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  • Hello,

    I'm sorry as I'm a bit confused. The ability to create a Task from a Note itself is not possible. Can you clarify or perhaps share a screenshot of what you are referring to. And, possibly clarify for me what you are looking to accomplish. 

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  • The ability to create a task from note has always been possible, and still is possible... Though the name has changed to 'Add New Task for Note:


    Insightly used to link the task to the note.

    Now that I've upgraded insighlty, tasks are no longer linked to notes.

    How can we:

    1. Link task to note like before?

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  • Hello Gerry,

    Thanks for your time and patience!

    I was able to gather some helpful information on this subject. To help further explain the "Note" is technically the "Child" entity of an Object. When you add a "Task" from a Note this Task will show up under the "Activity" section of the Parent Object. 

    I hope this helps explain this for you. 

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  • Hi Gerry, thanks for the support. 

    Alejandro - as per my email to you with detailed screen shots - it would be great if the new insightly could

    1. link the "child" i.e. the note to the task it is used to create (as it used to in classic insightly)
    2. OR, even better - mimic the behaviuor of "create task from email" where the body of the note would be pasted into the description of the task
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  • I sincerely regret 'Updating' my insightly to the new format.

    My entire business with countless customer Orders (saved as notes) are linked to tasks powering my entire follow up sequence with customers is broken now.

    Creating task from note... But the task in no longer linked to the note... Huge FAIL insightly.

    My other 'free account' on insightly is still in the old format.


    Old Format

    Create Task from Note = Task created + Link to note from task

    To View note:

    1. Click Task
    2. Click through to Note from Task

    --> = 1 Click/Hop to Read the note


    New Format

    Create Task from Note = Task created and NO Link to note from task

    To View Note:

    1. Click Task
    2. Click Related
    3. Click Contact Name
    4. Click Related
    5. Click Note

    --> 5 Clicks/Hops to View the Note


    Solution Options?

     Until we find a new solution that will better fit our needs, can we export all data and re-import into our 'old style' insighly account? 

    Clicking away 5 x to reach crucial records/notes is not optimal.


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  • And to add to Gerry's point - when doing the 5 click process to get back to the note... making sure you open the right note when looking through an organisation / project which has had a number of notes added. 

    Without the preview functionality which has now been discontinued, finding the correct note can be a multi click process in its own right.

    I agree - a return to Insightly Classic would be the best move. 

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  • Hello Garry & CWatson,

    I do appreciate your feedback on this and the detailed steps you provided. I highly suggest if you wish to see this feature updated in a future update to Insightly is to post a request on our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams. Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for your understanding. 

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