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I'm currently using web to lead forms to as data capture for downloading some forms on my website.

I change the source to match the certain download, and then i change the page to show to the url that then downloads the guide, i then select my fields, and then i press save, and move onto the next one. 

However I'm having an issue at the moment, where all of the forms are directing to the last url that I did. Am I pressing save at the right time? 

It was working fine when we first did it, then two weeks later, it started redirecting to a different url.. i'm worried about using it on my website incase it goes wrong when it is live... any advice?



  • This is an urgent issue as we don't want to be sending users to the wrong link - please can somebody help? :)

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  • Hello Kimberleyemmasmith,

    Can you provide some screenshots of your issue? That will help us to see where the issue may be.

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  • This is one of the forms.


    I fill it out, then copy the code, then click save ... is this the correct way of doing it? As I'm unsure why it is changing the display page


    Thank you

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  • Hi

    Insightly will always use the last saved settings on this form for all incoming forms created through their code. I recommend that instead, you use a form builder for your site that connects well with Insightly such as Ninja Forms or using Zapier to connect another form builder to Insightly. With the outside form builders, you will be able to specify a thank you page that correlates with each form. The other option it to make one more generic thank you page for all forms to lead to. 

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