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Is it possible or is Insightly working on what seems to be the most obvious use of a Outlook Sidebar (see SalesForce!) and that is collecting all the data in a received email signature.

Company - Name - Email - Phone Number(s) - Address

To be able to add this basic info to an "Organization" - "LEAD" - "CONTACT would be very helpful.



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  • Hi,

    Yes, this can be accomplished with Evercontact to collect the data from the email signature, then Zapier or PieSync to sync the data into Insightly. If you wish to get the Contact's Primary Linked Organization added into Insightly, you will need to use Zapier webhooks with Insightly API 2.3 or higher.

    I wrote an article on this that you might find helpful.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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