Possible to convert Custom Field type (text->numeric) after it has value?

We have a number of opportunities and we accidentally used "text" instead of "number" for the data type. Now sorting doesn't work properly in the opportunities" view. 

What is the easiest way to:

1. change the type of the field without losing values


2. export and then import those values into a new numeric data field


3. another solution to properly sort the data?

Thank you!



  • Hi Tim,

    Here is the simplest way:

    1. Create the new numeric field.

    2. Export all opportunities

    3. Import the opportunities and select that you are updating the records and match them by ID

    4. Map the old field column to the new numeric field 

    5. Delete the old field. 

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  • Hi Tim,

    The second option will work best. You already have a clear understanding of what you need to do. 

    1. Create the numeric custom field
    2. Export your data
    3. Validate your data (only numerical values) 
    4. Import your data into the new numeric custom field
    5. Adjust and test opportunity custom list views
    6. Delete or hide legacy text custom field

    Are you using this custom field to input the Opportunity value in order to get a place for decimal values? If so, then I think you can do away with custom fields and put them in the default opportunity value field. This is very common issue and was solved in the last release. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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