Creating Contact Reports with Multiple Linked Orgs

I have been tasked with cleaning up contacts for specific organizations. I realized after running a report that the query only generates contacts for the organization if it is the primary org for each contact, which ends up leaving out several pages of contacts that still need to be cleaned up. Is reporting only capable of pulling the contacts via the primary organization or is there a way for it to generate all contacts linked to the organization?



  • Hi Alexus,

    Please use the Organization Linked Items report to identify contacts with more than one linked organization and the contact's primary linked organization. I grouped by organization name and the same contact shows under both. However, the second duplicate contact has the contact's primary linked organization identified on the far right column. You should also add a filter to remove any organizations without contacts from the report. 

    Enjoy the Spring cleaning :)

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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  • Hello Micah,

    Thanks for sharing this information with Alexus. Very helpful information and I hope Alexus finds it helpful.

    Let us know if there's anything else we can help with Alexus. If you need help with a different topic we just ask you add a new post. 

    Enjoy your day everyone! 

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  • Thank you Micah. I'll try creating a report with this method. It'll be so much easier if I do not have to add contacts manually after creating a report and dumping it into excel. 

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