Gmail and Chrome extension/add-on not working.

I realise that neither the chrome or gmail extension/add-on is working. I was wondering if it might make sense for you to drop them altogether? 

Also are there any other options for adding emails other than the BCC/CC address as this method seems very clunky. 





  • Hello James,

    Thanks for your feedback on this subject. 

    As a company, we're focusing all development efforts on our Insightly Gmail Add-on since it uses the current version of Gmail's API. Eventually, the previous API version will be discontinued. And as a result, the Insightly Sidebar will no longer be supported.

    Because we are discontinuing the Sidebar, we will no longer review any issues with the Sidebar. However, don't worry, you still have options for saving your emails to Insightly. We recommend installing the new Insightly Add-on for Gmail.

    For steps, including uninstalling the Sidebar, please see the below:

    1. Remove the Insightly Sidebar by opening a Chrome window > click the three-dot icon >More Tools > Extensions
    2. Locate Insightly and click Remove
    3. Open the Gmail account that matches your Insightly login
    4. Locate the gear icon > Get add-ons
    5. Search for Insightly
    6. Select to install.
    7. Refresh your page in Gmail > click to open an email. You should see the Insightly Add-on appear on the right-hand navigation bar for add-ons
    8. Allow Insightly permissions to view contacts, emails, etc
    9. Log into the Insightly add-on

    You can find an overview of the Add-on here: The Insightly Add-on for Gmail. There is always the option to use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails too. 

    I hope that gives you some options. 

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  • alejandro,


    I follow the instructions you gave and the only app that shows up from insightly is sidebar.  There is sortd and Mail director too but those are not developed by Insightly. What do i do??????

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  • Hello Risley,

    Can you provide a screenshot for me? 

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  • We have installed Insight GMAIL Sidebar but it's not allowing to Creat Tasks, Insert Templates, copy email to Insightly CRM while sending new email. When I click on Insighly icon, it's not showing anything. the creen is totally blank. Please help me to get this issue resolve. Screenshots attached.



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  • Hi

    My gmail sidebar has stopped working. I re-installed it following your instructions and then try to sign in. It isn't working. 

    I ran a test and got this:


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