Default Mapping

How do I change a default field in my mapping?

Seems to be grayed out and can't be changed?





  • Hello Karine,

    Currently, mapping for standard fields cannot be changed and/or updated. I understand this is an important feature for you. If you would like to see this as a future feature enhancement in Insightly, you can always head over to our Ideas & Suggestions page and submit a feature request.

    Appreciate the understanding.

  • Thank you Alejandro,


    was something changed in the last few weeks in insightly ? Before my default mapping for an address in coverting Lead to Organization was billing address and now it is shipping address which caused a slight problem when importing data from Insightly to our main system.



  • Hello Karine,

    No updates have been made in the last week from Insightly that would affect this process. The process is still the same in regards to this subject. If you head over to your System Settings > Lead Conversion you'll see that the address fields map to the Organization Shipping City & Shipping Country. 

    I hope that helps!

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