Help!!! Task disappear + app (android) doesn't synchronize



For the third time, tasks disappear from my task list...

I use Insightly both on my laptop and my cellphone (Android). Sometimes, when I log in via the app, I see tasks that I've erased at my laptop and only when I open a finished task I get 'This task is no longer..." - how do I synchronize between my laptop and my cell?

The second issue and the more acute one is that some of the tasks in my laptop just disappear... Yep, I've made sure they weren't marked complete, yes, also repeated tasks that are marked complete disappear... 


Can you plz advise?






  • Hello Asaf,

    Sorry to hear your Tasks have disappeared from your Task List. Do you have an example of when you notice this happen on your end? If you can walk me through the process of when this happens as well if anything specific is done that causes them to disappear will be helpful. 

    You can always manually refresh your data; here’s how to do that: Scroll to the top of any category (contacts, organizations, etc.), touch the screen and swipe downward. You'll see a brief message that the data is refreshing.

    Insightly data will only refresh on your mobile device if you log out properly (using the Log Off menu item), then log back in.

    Please review this article for more details: How to Refresh Data on our iOS and Android Apps.

    Looking forward to your response. 

  • Hi Alejandro,


    Thank you for taking the time and answering my distress call.


    I notice the disappearance of tasks when I log in via my cellphone and messages that shouldn't be erased appear 'No longer available..." when I log into them. Actually, that's how I've realized tasks disappear... 

    If the 'repeat' option is on, does a task has an inspiration date or will it repeat 'forever'?

    Can you offer any explanation to why the tasks disappear? Have you encountered a similiar problem with another client?

    Thnx for the tip regarding refreshing my data on my cellphone. I admit that login out and then in again is a bit tedious...


    Thnx for your commitment in helping to resolve this issue,



  • Hello Asaf,

    We haven't encountered this issue with another customer that has brought it to our attention. Can you provide me with an example of a Task you deleted in your Insightly Account and when viewing it on the mobile app you receive the message "This task is no longer...". 

    This will help me take a closer look into this. 

  • Hi Alejandro,


    Thank you again for answering.

    when, hopefully not, the problem reoccurs, I'll notice which task disappear and send it to you.

    I'll appreciate it if you'll keep this ticket open - I'll check up with you in a couple of weeks.




  • Hello Asaf,

    Sounds good let me know if the issue returns with further information to help resolve it on my end. Enjoy your day and rest of your week. 

  • Hi Alejandro,


    How are you?

    I think I've detected two missing tasks. Both tasks start with "Itzik Gabay" (that's a name of an Israeli guy and they were both associated with a project under the same name). The first task's title continued with something like "verify transfer" and the second with something like "Scan and send invoices".

    I guess you'll be needing my Insightly credentials in order to ponder the issue?




  • Hello Asaf,

    Thanks for sharing that information with me!

    Can you do me a favor and check to make sure they were not deleted by accident by a user in your Insightly Account? You can do this by checking your Recycle Bin. With our Recycle Bin, you can restore items deleted in the last 30 days and permanently remove any previously deleted items.

    You can access the Recycle Bin by going to the right side of each record type, (i.e. Contacts, Organizations) and then you will see a Green link labeled "Recycle Bin."

    To restore items, select the Recycle Bin link > click the box next to the item you'd like to restore > Restore Items.

    For more information on using Insightly's Recycle Bin, take a look at the article in our Help Center: How to restore or remove items from the Recycle Bin

  • Hi Alejandro,


    Thank you for your answer.

    I'm the only user in my Insightly account.

    I've checked the recycle bin as you've suggested and couldn't find the missing task. Can a missing task 'disappear' and move somewhere else than the recycle bin?

    I'm sorry if I'm nagging, it's really important for me to find the reason my tasks disappear - I guess it's something that I do and not a system failure.


    Thank you for your kind attitude and patience,


  • Hello Asaf,

    Thanks for double checking your Recycle Bin and confirming you are the only user. Outside of this a Task will not disappear on its own or move to a different section when deleted. If you happen to see this happen again and are able to grab a screen recording or screenshots please share those with us. It can be a big help in investigating why the Task was removed and didn't go into the Recycle Bin. 

    Thanks for your understanding and enjoy the rest of your day. 

  • Alejandro,


    Thank you for taking the time and answering.

    Will do.


    Until then, and hopefully never... :-), have a great day,


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