Introducing custom fields for tasks and events! Plus: Time Tracking!

Custom fields can now be created for tasks and events!

This has been one of the most requested features we’ve ever had. Thank you to our customers for giving us such great feedback and helping us make Insightly the best it can be.

Read How to create a custom field to learn how to start creating your fields!

One of the most powerful use cases for this feature is adding custom fields to tasks to perform time tracking. To learn more about creating these fields, read Custom Calculated Fields examples: Time Tracking.



  • We are not seeing Custom Fields for Tasks yet.  Is this still rolling out today?

  • Yes, Tony. We are releasing this feature is phases, so it will eventually appear in your instance sometime today. We're excited for you to start using it! 

  • Hello Tony,

    Yes, the release is still being released and should be fully released by the end of the day today. Let me know if you still don't happen to see them by tomorrow. Please make sure you are also using the New Insightly Experience. 

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