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I want to get notified (via webhooks) when relations between projects and contacts are created/edited. Is this possible?

The links are part of the results when a webhook is fired for the contact or the project, but adding or editing a relation between two entities does not seem to trigger any webhook. A work around would be to edit the project or contact to trigger one of the webhooks, but this is not very user friendly.

What is the best way to update an external system about these kind of relationships?

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    Hi Lars, 

    You are correct that Webhooks from Insightly are fired only from Workflow Automaton, which cannot be triggered when a link is created. Furthermore, the payload launched from a webhook does not contain the link data, as our updated API has a different endpoint for finding the links attached to a record, as opposed to other data about that record. 

    As far as updating an external system, your best bet would be two separate functions. The first webhook, which could fire when a Project is created or edited, would launch the Project data including the record ID. You could then make a GET request using the below endpoint to get the link information for that Project:

    I hope this helps.

  • Hello Lars,

    I wanted to communicate that I'm looping in our API Expert on this subject. Please be patient as my colleague works to help provide you with a response to your questions. 

    Thanks for your time. 

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