lead conversion to contact no longer works properly

When I convert lead to contact I get a giant warning that contact will be created and lead will be deleted. This is exactly how it worked before.


I just converted two leads to contacts and now i have both contact and lead for the same name. 



  • additionally I just noticed that the "changed" contact has no connection to emails that are in "activity" of the lead, despite:

    You have chosen to CHANGE xxx xxx into a Contact and DELETE the Lead record. 
    All tasks, emails, events, notes and files associated with this Lead will be merged into the new Contact. 
    Links to other contacts, organizations, opportunities, or projects cannot be carried over and will be deleted. 
    After you save this Contact the original Lead itself will also be deleted.

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  • Hello llya, 

    Thanks for bringing this to us and I'll be happy to help!

    There are two options here when dealing with Leads and I'd like to clarify how they both work.

    • Converting a lead to a contact and a sales opportunity: Converting a lead will create and link opportunities, contacts, and organizations. Here's what the option looks like when "Converting a Lead to a Contact".

    • You then have the option to "Changing a lead to a contact". This option works a little different in the way that sometimes, a person that's added to your CRM as a lead doesn't turn out to be a Lead. This is recommended when you want to change the Lead to a Contact without converting it to a sales opportunity. See screenshot below on how this option is selected:

    Hope that helps clarify the process for both of these options. 

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