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To browse through our extensive collection of help articles and videos, just scroll down on the home page to view our article categories. 



Visit our Community to share tips with other customers and receive support from our Insightly Heroes and Insightly team members. Click the Community link on the home page to get there.

Here's what else you'll find:

  • New product ideas submitted by other customers. You upvote the ideas that you like or you can post your own. Ideas that receive a large number of upvotes are then considered for our product roadmap.
  • Real-life examples of Insightly features (like pipelines and reports) under our Inside Your Insightly topic.
  • Announcements about our latest features added and improvements made to Insightly.


Ask a question or submit an idea

Once you're signed in, you can start sharing your thoughts with the community. Click + New Post on the Community page to post your question or idea.

Enter a title, post details, and select a topic from the dropdown menu. Then click Submit.

Your question or idea will appear under the topic you selected. Click the gear icon above your post title if you need to edit your post.

Every post is searchable and becomes a valuable part of our Help Center.


Replying to a post

When you reply to another user's post, you're helping the person asking the question and any other users looking for an answer, too.

To reply to a post, click inside the comment field and the format header will appear. Click the Add a comment button when you're done and your reply will appear instantly.

You can edit your comment after it's posted by clicking the gear icon.


Voting up posts and comments

Voting is an easy way to participate in the Community. Support your fellow users by upvoting their content. We want to launch features that are important to our users; we look at the votes of your Ideas and Suggestions posts when we're planning our product roadmap.

To vote, just click the heart icon. You get one vote for each post or comment.

To see which posts have the most votes, click to any topic page and sort by votes using the filter at the top.



Click the Follow button to receive an email whenever a new post or comment is added. Click again to unfollow. You can follow posts and topics.


My Activities Page

If you're on a paid Insightly account, you'll have access to the My Activities page under your profile menu. My Activities is where you'll see all the posts you created, all the comments you've submitted, and all the content you're following.

Click the down arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of the page and select My Activities from the dropdown menu.

To see content you've created, click the Contributions link and select Posts or Community comments.

To see the content you're following click the Following link. This is where you can change the setting to be notified when a new post or a new comment is added to a topic. The default is to receive an update when there is a new post.


Ready to explore?

Here's a few more tips to reap even more benefit from our community.

  • Add a photo to your profile. Seeing a face next to a name goes a long way in making others trust and feel connected to you.
  • Aim to make connections. Good things happen when people connect. Seek out users in your field so you can learn from each other or if you're an experienced Insightly user consider mentoring someone new.
  • Read our Community Guidelines. We outline a few things to keep in mind while you're here.
  • Relax and have fun! Every question is welcomed and every answer is appreciated.

Thank you for visiting, we hope we can help you find everything you need to have the best Insightly experience!




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