Two step authentication to access insightly

Several months ago, I reached out to insightly customer support and inquired about two step authentication. I was told that "insightly doesn't offer two-step verification at this point in time" and I was directed to this group.

When I searched insightly help center, I came across a number of inquiries on this topic.

Given the importance of cyber-security, I am surprised insightly has not rolled out this feature yet. What can be the hold up? How do other insightly users feel about it? Why would not insightly make it a priority and roll out this feature?

Thank you for your input.



  • Hello Wolfgang,

    Thanks for your feedback and contribution to our Ideas & Suggestions page!

    I'd like to suggest if you have the Enterprise subscription with Insightly is the use of SAML Single Sign-On. SAML 2.0 is the Single Sign-On (SSO) standard for enterprise cloud applications. Using SAML, administrators can manage user access from a single place, and users can access different applications with a single login through an identity provider.

    Hope that is an option for you. 

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  • I agree that this should be implemented. Shouldn't have to risk having someone get access to an entire company's lead/data source.

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  • Security should be a standard feature.

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