Emailing Contacts using Filter 'Contact Owner'

I have been sending out emails using filter set to: Contact Owner equals my name - not including other sales persons but I have just had a complaint from one of the sales people stating that I had emailed her client. The client hadn't taken kindly to being contacted by two different people and makes it look unprofessional.


I have checked, double checked and triple checked and my filter by Contact Owner is still picking up this other sales persons contacts! And it's not the first time she has complained about it. 

What can be done? and, are there others that have experienced this?



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  • Hello Andrew,

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this with filters in Insightly. 

    Are you able to provide a screenshot of the filters you have applied and shown a record that relates to the other user/colleague of yours? This will help me take a closer look into this and help provide a solution. 

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