Some keyboard shortcuts are not working in Chrome

All shortcuts are working for me except going to next item or previous item (ctrl + arrow right or left). 

I need it for instance, when I'm viewing an opportunity and want to go to the next opportunity in the list. 

Maybe I should use a different button instead of ctrl on Mac? 



  • Hello Alex, 

    You might want to use different commands when using a Mac computer with Chrome. If that doesn't work can you provide a screen recording of the short cut you are attempting to use and is not working for you? 

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  • Alexandro, thanks for your response. 

    I don't have a software to record my screen, however, here's what I do: 

    - I have a list of opportunities. 

    - I open one of them

    - Click "control and right arrow" to go to the next opportunity - and nothing happens. (control + down arrow doesn't help as well)


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  • Hello Alex,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

    Yes, I was able to replicate this on my end. After speaking with our Senior Tech Team they have informed me that some short cuts will still work with our New Insightly Experience. However, this specific short cut does not work with our New Insightly Experience due to the way the new "blade layout" works. 

    I've gone ahead and escalated this feedback to help with getting this resolved or providing an update to the shortcut list for better communication. 

    Thanks for your time. 

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