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Hi there, 

I'm very frustrated. Almost every time I go in to enter new customer information into Insightly (less than two minutes), I am automatically logged out before I can save the information. Sometimes I even rush through and try to get it done in a minute and it will still log me out before I can save. This wastes time because I then have to open another window, log in, then re-input everything I already typed, and hope that that try gets saved before I get logged out again. 

I don't understand how this feature would be helpful for anyone. I don't ever want to be logged out, but understand the security benefits after maybe 10 minutes or more of non-activity. 

Is there any way to fix this? This does not make me excited to use this platform at all. 




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  • Hello Taylor,

    Sorry to hear you are having login issues. 

    If you were sharing login information with another Insightly user, then that may be the reason you were logged out of the account. If you are logging in with one user account in multiple sessions, you will be logged out of the account; there can only be one session per user account.

    This also applies if you're logging into Insightly using multiple browsers with the same account.

    Hope that helps. 

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