Refreshing the tasks view should not revert to the first page

1. Let us assume you have tasks spanning several pages 
2. you are on page 5 & you have made a change in a task 
3. you refresh to update the tasks view 
4. Insightly takes you to page 1 of tasks 
5. it should keep you on the same page, no?

Please consider fixing it. 
Thank you



  • Hello,

    Thanks for your feedback and feature request comment. 

    I'd like to ask if you have tried editing these Tasks in "Blade" view? This view allows you to edit a Task without having to leave the page or refresh as well. You can see an example of this in my screen recording below:

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  • That works for me exactly as shown above.

    But if you try the REFRESH button (either Insightly's or the system's [topleft]) then it takes you to the first page.

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