When Importing From Google Contacts, Some Contacts Don't Show Up

Say I import 20 contacts from Vcards into Google Contacts.

Then, I endeavor to import all of them into Insightly Contacts.

Approximately half of them do not show on the Insightly list from G Contacts.

If I search in Google contacts, all 20 of them are there.

How can this be?

Thanks, Steve


P.S. I first import into Google for 2 reasons - It is easy and it is a backup to Insightly.





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  • Hi Stephen, 

    How are you doing the import to Insightly? Are you importing with a CSV file or are you using an automated connection piece to import them?

    If you are importing with a CSV file, ensure that you have the First Name listed on your CSV file. Insightly requires a first name for contacts and will not import without them. 


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