Don't see the "Dashboards" in my left-side menu

Hi guys, I'm a bit confused. As Inshgtly is stating in multiple articles, now all the users have access to the standard dashboards ( But the "Dashboards" didn't appear in my left-side menu, where they should be! I have a Free account.

Shall I update something?

Will appreciate your help.




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  • Hello Tatiana,

    It could be that you might still be using the Insightly Classic web version which doesn't provide this feature. This feature is only available when using the New Insightly Experience. To learn more about what's new, please click here.

    Any admin can switch to the new view layout by going to System Settings > Switch your team to the new Insightly User ExperienceFrom there tick off the box and save your settings. You'll be logged out and prompted to log in with our new login page.

    Please note: Once you switch between Insightly Classic and the New Insightly Experience, you will not be able to switch back to the Classic version.

    Hope that helps. 

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