Problem whith hypertext links

I can't edit an hypertext link in an email.

When the hypertext link is cliked it opens the link .... in the same window.

And then I lose all my work .... 'cause I've to refresh the window to go back to the email editor.

HELP please

Do you have noticed this problem and how can it be fixed ?

Thank you for you help.




  • Hello,

    Do you have an example (screenshot) of the field you are attempting to edit within your record? This can be helpful for me to help identify and understand your process. 

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  • Thank you for you answer.

    I've made this video

    You can see when I select the link that the link is opened in the same window. ... and then I lose my previous work..

    I think it'll be a good idea for you to test this.

    Thank you for your help Alejandro



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  • Hello,

    Thanks for that helpful screen recording. Taking a look at the screen recording have you tried clicking on the "Edit" option when selecting the link? See my example below for further clarification:


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