Can a Lead or Contact be converted to a *Custom Object*?

I am trying to decide if a custom object for certain clients makes sense. In order for it to work in our current workflow, it would be necessary to convert an incoming lead into the Custom Object and map over matching fields. But I don't see the option to do this, and there is no mention in the documentation I've been able to find.



  • I would love to be able to convert leads to custom objects and map custom fields in Leads (or Opportunities & Projects) to custom objects.  

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  • Hello Nora & Gonzalo,

    I already developed something similar for one of my clients using Insightly Workflow Automation and Zapier Webhooks. 

    In our case, we map data from the custom object to an opportunity when the custom object is related to the opportunity. Although, you can certainly map data from a lead or contact to a newly created custom objects too.

    Please reach out should you need further assistance. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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