Change default field Opportunity Value in Opportunities


In Opportunities there is a composite field called Opportunity Value. It consits of three fields: a field for the currency, one for the amount and one for the fixed bit per period.
When I want to fill in € 5000, Insightly makes 5.000,00 € EUR of it. For my processing that is overdone. € 5000 is enough. The 'EUR' and ,00 are overdone and could be omitted.
Can I (or you) change (or customize) the format of the Opportunity Value field?



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  • Hello Paul,

    This feature is currently working as intended. I'm sorry to hear that is creating an inconvenience to your business. I'll submit this feedback to our Senior Tech Team and see if we can provide an update. If possible can you also post a request to have an update to this to our Ideas & Suggestions page?


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