Exporting all field information including opt-in check box to Mailchimp

Hi All, 

I am struggling to work out how to export data from Leads to Mailchimp, so that opt-in check box shows in Mailchimp.  Currently I have a custom field fo option (Checkbox), but when data exports it shows in Mailchimp as opted out.


I'm at my wits end. Help please!





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  • Hello, 

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    Checkbox fields are not importable/exportable with the MailChimp integration. However, we do have a workaround. 

    • Add a field in MailChimp for the Insightly Contact Record ID
    • Once Record ID is entered into MailChimp. Export your Contact from MailChimp to a CSV file.
    • Once Exported make sure the checkbox file read as true or false.
    • Then you can use BulkUpdate via import.
    • Checkbox fields will be imported.

    Hope that helps. 


    I hope that helps! If you have other questions, let us know.

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