• Hello Petri,

    I understand that you may wish to revert back to Insightly Classic for the old layout, however, as a company, we are focusing our efforts on the New Insightly Experience. As such, we can not revert you back to the previous version.

    The reasons are as follows:

    1. All engineering efforts including issue response and resolution will be prioritized for the New Insightly Experience. That means all bug fixes and releases will only apply to our new interface, so if you find a bug in Insightly Classic, it may not be fixed. 

    2. All new features including Dashboards, Page Layouts, and Custom Required Fields will only be available on the New Insightly Experience. Going forward, the same applies to all future new features. The upcoming new features will only be available in the new interface. You can read more about our new interface here: What has changed in the New Insightly? 

    3. As we will no longer be supporting the old version, you would experience differences in data and functionality when on Insightly Classic.

    Thanks for your understanding. 




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  • Thank you for the answer.

    I fully understand your version and release and support policy. Sad is that the new one lost some important functions and usability. And all the new features are not steps forward.

    Please refer to tickets #215180 and #215181.

    There are obviously many features and functionalities, but I see that one of the key ones

    is the ability to create campaign or target lists of contacts and mark/link/tag them with the campaign.

    For example, create a list of contacts with certain role who work for companies of certain size (revenue and/or employees) within a certain industry - and mark these contacts with e.g. "campaign tag".


    I think this is one of the key functions, not maybe for individual sales person, but for sales and marketing management.


    Classic version had the feature, the current does not. It is definitely a step backwards. My ticket has been open since Juy 12th and no solution, yet. Looking forward to get one.



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  • Hello Petri,

    Thanks for your feedback. I can see your frustrations and understand your feedback. Please know that we love hearing feedback from our users on how to improve the Insightly Experience. I see that my colleague is currently helping you with ticket #215180. 

    We only ask for patience in the ticket as my colleague does her best to respond back to you with helpful information. 

    Enjoy the rest of your day. 

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