Upgraded HTML support for email signature

I would like to see stronger HTML support for the email signature.

We have a company signature which is made up of text, images and links. Some of these are in a table but it appears that the HTML support within Insightly can't support the tables, according to a support email I got and I quote:

It is hard to have consistency when our signature should look like this:


But depending where you are in Insightly it could look like this:

or like this:


And this is what it could look like once it's emailed:


So I would like to see this area strengthened.

Thank you,




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    Hello Everyone,

    We just recently launched Insightly Marketing which is helpful for better tracking of emails sent out and campaigns. If you like to know more about how this can solve for some of your pain points in regard to emailing from Insightly please let me know. 
    Thanks for your time. 
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  • Ditto on this, we have the exact same use case and see the same problems. A CRM is a marketing platform, and we should always be able to lead with our best foot forward. We would like to see attention on improving this issue as well.

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  • Alejandro,

        while I think it's great that you have a new product to compete with Hubspot, Marketo, etc. that does not help us with this problem. The HTML support in our version of Insightly is broken. Rather than try and upsell us to pay $300-$1300/mo, would you please focus on fixing the product we've already been paying you for?


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