Changing a Lead Source

Is there a way to customize the lead source. I'd like to add the category (patient)

Thank you



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  • Hello Stacey,

    Yes, you are able to create new Lead Sources if you like. Here are the steps:

    1. Go to the System Settings > Lead Sources page
    2. Type the new source name in the New Lead Source field and click the Add Lead Source button
    3. Once a source is saved, you can select the Default radio button next to it to make it the default selection when someone creates a new lead
    4. You can also place the statuses in a specific order in the dropdown list. Click and hold the handle on the left to drag and drop the items up or down
    5. You can also delete lead sources you create if they’re not in use. Click the trash can icon next to a source to remove it

    This article helps explain more in further detail: Customizing your account for Lead Management 

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