Part-win an Opportunity?

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I run recruitment events for businesses. We charge customers to attend the event and then a subsequent fee-per-head on successful hires.

As an example, an opportunity could have a value of £1,000.00 at the outset, but if the client only recruits half of their expected candidates through our event then we could end up with £500.00 instead of the projected £1,000.00.

Is it possible to part-win an opportunity so we can track the amount that we 'won' but also the part that we 'missed' out on to strengthen our model?

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  • Hi Matti

    I suppose you could do this a few different ways. By marking it closed or a "win" you'd still have the data in reports and charts but if you actually wanted to see the Opp remain open because it didn't close at the appropriate level, you could add a stage for "partly-won" rather than convert it to fully won. Then, you can set a list view to show your team the "partly-won" opps and either act on them by closing them further or creating a cloned opp for the balance. Just thinking out loud...hope it helps.

    Eric Greenspan
    Chief Clever Officer

    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of Insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as an experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use Insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert II, PandaDoc Pro and a Piesync Expert.

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