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We are  developing an internal application with React native and Nodejs and we got some weird response which i think shouldnt be there . The response message contained a SQL response. 

Thank you very much.




  • Hi SE,

    While we cannot help with writing the actual script, if you provide the endpoint and what information you were trying to fetch we can test on our end for any discrepancies with the response body. 

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  • Hi Alex, 

    ofcourse i can share the response message: 

    The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_ Lead User CreatedUser Id". The conflict occurred in database "Insightly", table "dbo.User". The statement has been terminated.

    This was happened while creating a new lead with insightly API v3.1. Currently we do not have any issues on our end it works fine. But this SQL response wasnt really expected honestly.



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