Where is the Opt-In Custom Field on Web To Lead form

I've read and

But I don't see the custom field when I go to create HTML for my website in the Web To Lead section. Am I supposed to have this option or do I have to now manually write the HTML for the field?

Then I found this which indicates the feature was added in 2016.. so where is it? Was this removed?



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  • Ryan

    I'm not a huge fan of this feature as it requires considerable CSS formatting. Alternatively, I'd recommend you use a third party form or chat system/bot to gather the data and then use the API, Zapier or a native connection to import it. I remember Ninja Forms for Wordpress having a native add on. I love Drift personally and use it with Zapier. You can also use a Google Form and Zapier if that works better for you. Many ways to skin this cat, but unless you are a CSS gurus, I'd skip the web to lead feature.

    Eric Greenspan
    Chief Clever Officer

    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of Insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as an experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use Insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert II, PandaDoc Pro and a Piesync Expert.

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