Possible to delete or shift date of all activity set children?

I sometimes need to adjust the date or cancel a project that has dozens of tasks associated with it (from applying activity sets).  

Is there any way to delete all tasks associated with a project at once or better yet-shift all tasks associated with a project by a certain date?  

If I can't do it within insightly, is it possible to export the project and tasks and then change them in a spreadsheet and reimport?  




  • ok-I did see a way to at least delete all tasks associated with a project by going to tasks and then setting up a filter that contains the name of the project.

    It would be amazing if in the "Bulk Edit" dropdown if you could do an "offset date" to apply to all tasks that would shift the due dates of the tasks...

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  • ok, I figured out a way to do it by exporting the filtered tasks and doing the edits in excel and then reimporting and replacing the tasks.  Not a fast workaround, but it works.

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