GMail Integration - Not able to save email to Insightly

For specific emails (usually for people not usually in Insightly) the following problem occurs.

The sidebar states "content not available" and no sidebar buttons are displayed.

The sidebar works with other emails from other people.

See screenshot:




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  • Hello Benjamin,

    Can you please answer the following questions to help us investigate this further:

    1. What browser(s) and browser version are you using? 

    2. Are you using Windows or Mac? What OS version are you using? 

    3. Do any functions of the CRM Sidebar work for you? (Quick Save, Save, link and more...)

    4. Does the error occur if saving emails from you Inbox (Received), Sent folder, or Both?

    5. Was the CRM Sidebar installed by you or a G Suite Admin?

    6. Have you tried to uninstall and re-install the add-on?

    7. Lastly, please include a screenshot or video to help us get a better picture.

    Screenshot(s) must include the following:

    - View of the email (including header information - TO, CC, etc)

    - Email folder the email is located (Sent, Inbox, etc)

    - The login information used in the CRM Sidebar (Open an email > click on Insightly > Select the 3 dot icon)


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