Capturing bid values in numbers - allowing a default

I've set up custom fields to capture our bids as a number. And a checkbox to indicate whether it's hourly.

The problem is, many of our bids are repeat values (e.g., a certain dollar amount per hour).

So we have to enter the same value each time. (<<<<<would love to have the ability to set even numeric custom fields to a default, for this reason.)

But if I make it a dropdown for the bid amount, where I could choose a default so I don't have to keep entering the same data over and over - then when it's a fixed project or if the hourly rate is different I can't use the custom field at all.

So is the only way to create separate custom fields for each type of bid. Hourly as a dropdown, then an additional custom field that would be numeric - for either a fixed or hourly (in case hourly rate changes for one particular project). And then if the hourly rate changes in the future across the board, just add a new option to the dropdown.

Does this sound OK, or are there trouble spots.

Any other ideas?





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