Is the Pipeline and Stages page section supposed to be visible in the Related Pages?

For example, if I'm viewing a contact and then click over to Related and then click on the Opportunity.

I think I know the answer to this is no, because you cannot edit the Pipeline or the Stage from within that page. (which is really actually the Home page for the Opportunity.)

But I just want to confirm because I created a bunch of custom fields yesterday and want to make sure I didn't break anything.


(also as an aside, and I think this has been voted on before - it would be really great to be able to edit Pipeline and Stage from within the home page of the Opportunity anywhere where the Opportunity appears without having to click the Edit button and open a new page.)



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  • Hello,

    When viewing a Contact and going to the Related tab you'll see a section for linked Opportunities. This section will show you the Opportunity and the Pipeline Chart as shown below:

    And, if you place your mouse over each stage you'll see the name of said stage pop-up. I've place a screen recording below to help clarify. 

    Hope this helps. 


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