How to use multiple Query params in GET method in V3.1


As i was analysing insightly v2.1, i learnt that we can query multiple params for get contacts, lead sources, etc. But the same pattern of query is not working v3.1.

Also, i observed that with v3.1 we can query only one field at a time (/v3.1/Contacts/Search?field_name=LAST_NAME&field_value=Lee) and providing more than one field does not work.

Is there a way to use multiple query params in v3.1? If yes, please share the API pattern for the same.

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  • I sent the request directly to support and was forwarded to development.  They acknowledged the issue but gave me to time frame to fix.

    Has anyone been able to use multiple parameters on  any version of the API?

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  • Hey Andrés,

    Yes, I do see you are working with my colleague on this in ticket #221325. Any updates on this subject will be provided on the ticket by my colleague since she has direct communication with our Engineering Team. Please keep an eye out for an update from her. 

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