Emailing Groups

Hi. I am just wanting to confirm that Insighlty can't do what I want.  We are using insightly but don't have email connected yet.  the business maintains heat pumps for property managers, so as you can imagine, one Contact and one contact Email, is connected to multiple Opportunities which have represented the Install and Maintenance of a heat pum.  Yes, I know I could set up a custom property Asset but we haven't so far - it's been going for longer than that feature came out.   Anyway, using the Contact (with links) reporting, it's easy to report and get a CSV file of all the contacts and the linked Heat Pumps and what the linked installation dates were.   My problem is how to email this group.  Mailchimp doesn't work because you can only have one email per contact.  We will need to email a property manager email address multiple times refering to different installation addresses.  As far as I can see, I can't filter the contacts on this basis, as have to find the linked installation addresses so have to run a report and email to the reported list.   Can insightly do this if I connect email.   I've obviously checked help but can't find an answer.   I'm thinking I may need to use Outlook and Merge through Word as it will accept the same email address being used multiple times in the same list. 




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