Delete Workflow Automation Tasks on Lead Disqualification

Hi all, I'm looking for direction or a work-around for the following:


We use a workflow automation to populate a set of tasks when a new LEAD is created.  This includes follow-up tasks at a set interval over a few weeks. 

The issue I have is this:

When we disqualify a LEAD, the automation is still active.  You have to MANUALLY go into the Workflow Automation Queue and delete them.  

Is there a way that I can automate the deletion of those Workflow Automation tasks upon a LEAD being marked as disqualified?

The same is true if you convert a LEAD to an OPPORTUNITY.  The To-Do tasks will keep popping up at the scheduled interval until/unless you delete them manually.






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  • Hello Sheldon,

    I would recommend adding an additional Filter Row to your workflow. The Filter Row should read as follows "AND > Lead Status > not equals to > Disqualified". This will help the workflow narrow down when it should stay active. I placed a screenshot below also to help clarify this:

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