Incredibly frustrated by customer service

Week two of Insightly implementation at our company. We are the first in the region to implement Insightly, which brings up some technical issues such as currency, and in regard to support, makes things more complex as we are in practically opposite time zones. 

Every single time I contact support, it seems as if they read the title and or maybe first sentence of what we are asking, and proceed to give the most generic answer possible, as if it is goal to punish you for not being in a paid support class. 

Yesterday I was working on changing lead status names to fit our processes and changed them to our native language as well. I came upon an issue regarding not being able to change or delete some of the stages as there were leads currently in that stage, I deleted those contacts, emptied the recycle bin - still no help. Decided to write support and include screenshots, however, somehow, support deciphered this as our request for our language to be implemented, regardless of my detailed explanation of the TECHNICAL problem I am facing. WOW, and there goes another day wasted... 

To make things worse, since we predicted that since our situation is unique and could have some more issues, I wrote to our account executive to try and explain our situation and see how we could overcome these issues. Sent two emails, one concerning strategic issues, one technical, 6 days with no reply. 

Had to talk to management today and explain what is going on, as my time is being wasted and work is not getting done. They are now considering taking Insightly as a spilled milk expense and trying with someone who has more active support as we obviously are too needy for insightlys support system. 



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    Sorry to hear you aren't happy with the support you've received. I did look into the tickets that you've submitted and am sorry to say that the requests aren't available options in Insightly as it exists today.

    Insightly does have many features that can be customized and we are always looking to improve our feature set. With that being said, we love to hear your ideas so that we can continue to grow with our clients and their growing businesses. 

    When you submit your questions the Care Team is here to answer general questions on the basic features Insightly has and/or troubleshoot if a feature isn't working as intended. We are also here to advocate on your behalf but referring you to the Ideas page is part of getting your thoughts in front of other users to vote upon, in addition to our product team for visibility.

    Thanks for being a part of the Insightly Community :)



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  • I feel your pain. Almost every single issue I have raised is responded to with generic answers which does nothing to solve the issue. There are two types of responses, the cut and paste irrespective of what you said and the 'it works as designed' even if it is totally illogical. It is sad really because it puts those who have to defend the use of the platform in a very bad spot.

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  • Same issues continued. Customer support is completely handicapped to facilitate any of my needs. Insightly is really making it seem that if you aren't raking over tens of thousands that you don't deserve to get any treatment. 

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  • Still being bothered by the same issues as a few weeks back, with no initiative on Insightlys side to fix the problems. Contacted support again asking for a clean slate in terms of currency, or assistance changing the pricebook currency, to which we were told, once again, to post it to the ideas and suggestions board. I cannot believe that this is their universal answer to every issue we have. 


    I am now considering talking to management about perhaps taking the spilled milk expense of what we paid for Insightly and switch to something more user oriented, as this has been exclusively a source of frustration in terms of the service and support we have received. 

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  • Hi Lyla,

    I understand that standard currency for prices and quotes is not meant to be changed. Our more complex circumstances led to us choosing USD in our testing phases while we were still unaware whether we would get our own currency or not, now that we know that cannot be done for us, I would like to change the currency. I really don't see this as an incredibly technical issue that someone would have to program, it seems that it is more a matter of not wanting to solve this for us. Why is it such a big deal to let us change standard currency for pricebooks?

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  • Hi, Mokrogorska škola menadžmenta:

    If we could add all feature requests we would. We receive many feature requests from users and selecting which ones to develop is a large project on its own.

    The number of votes and time posted on our Community are just a couple of the things we take into consideration. Other considerations would be how hard or easy it would be to develop that feature, what is already in development stages or what value would be added with the addition of the feature just to name a few.

    We’re continuously evaluating the features we offer and there’s some great stuff in the works. We appreciate the time taken to add comments and vote for features to bring visibility to what you and other users would like to see added

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