Integrating with Outlook on the web?

Please help. I have been a Gmail user for a long time. I started my own company a few years ago and built the website thru GoDaddy. How my email has worked in the past. If you emailed me at my business address, it was forwarded to my Gmail. But when I would reply, it would show my personal email. Not a huge deal, but not very professional when it comes to branding, etc.

A rep from GoDaddy sold me on switching things up so that my GoDaddy based email address for the business would be the main drop point, and all emails to my personal account would funnel in there. It is run through Outlook for the Web, not the desktop version. I was willing to learn a new system, until I tried to send a new message and realized that none of my contacts in Insightly (previously syncing with Google and Gmail) were being found through Outlook. My research to find a way to sync my Insightly contacts into my new email home has not been fruitful. Am I missing something? Thanks. Jason



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  • Hi Jason, 

    Insightly does not sync contacts with Outlook on its own but it possible to do this through a 3rd party software like PieSync or Zapier. Here are the steps that I recommend:

    1. Export your Insightly contacts and import them into Outlook to get you a good working list to start with. 

    2. Set up an integration through PieSync or Zapier for ongoing contacts that are added. PieSync is a great option if you are looking for a true 2 way sync. If you are just looking to add contacts from Insightly to Outlook, Zapier may be more cost effective. 

    Let me know if you need help setting up the integrations


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