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I was tasked with managing the sales team using insightly. We have the Professional plan. 

I would like to be able to set an alarm for salesmen to visit customers. Is there any way using the custom fields to create reset-able alarms for this. For example, can I make certain customers have an alarm set for once a quarter. I don't need this to alert anyone, but would like to be able to sort a list for overdue customers. 

Sorry if this question is too basic, I was tasked with the job this AM and after spending a large portion of the day trying to wrap my head around the CRM I'm no closer to finding a solution. A little pointing in the right direction would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks! - John



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  • Hi John, 

    This is a great question. Here are my recommendations:

    1. Add in a custom field for the date of last visit.

    2. Create a report to filter for the date of last visit that is past the recommended frequency.

    3. If you have different frequencies of visits required, I would add another custom field for visit frequency (monthly, quarterly, yearly). You will then be able to pull and schedule reports that show when each group of frequencies are overdue. 

    Let me know if you need further support! Let's make business simple-

    Erin Mathie


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