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Hello Insightly users/staff

I am attempting to improve my email signature. However, I have been unable to achieve a couple of things that I could use some help with:

• When I go to send an email with an HTML image in the signature, it displays on Insightlys end, however, when I send it to my emails (a webmail client and an outlook client) the image does not display.

• I am trying to reduce text size in my signature to as I don't want my signature to look like a paragraph that's stapled on at the end of the email (which is what it currently feels like)

I have found posts from two to three years ago documenting some of these issues. I have also seen posts that say these features were planned and in the development cycle on the development-suggestions page.

Any help on the above issues would be much appreciated.



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  • Hello,

    Just informing that I am still watching this ticket.

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