Lead import doesn't work

Can someone help out? I can't even get the most simple lead import from a cvs-file to work.


The whole file reads:

Title;First name;Last name;Lead status;Lead Source;Organization;City;Country;Street

Dr.;Maarten;van Z;OPEN - NotContacted;Our Network;HMC;Oss;Netherlands;Unknown

Row title are matched to Insightly fields, but it keeps saying "Missing essential info" in the confirmation email. Anyone?


Thanks, Maarten



  • Hey,

    Can you provide a screenshot of how you are mapping your import fields with Insightly fields during the import process? 

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  • Maarten the import function is very frustrating to use when trying to diagnose issues since the messages it gives are very non-descriptive. The most common issue I have found during import was either data that is missing for a mandatory field, data type mismatch or data mismatch in the case of predefined values. If I recall there is no way of telling which is which by the message you receive.

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