Cloning quotation objects and/or cloning products on opportunity objects



We sell recurring revenue opportunities (Software Subscriptions) and we need to regularly copy quotations and opportunities, sometimes annually, sometime more frequently. We were hoping to use Insightly's Products and Price Books features to help manage this process, though we cannot clone (or copy) the products (and quantities) that are associated with a quotation or opportunity.


This is a problem, as often there are many, many line items on each object (features) and recreating these manually upon each renewal is very inefficient to do manually.




  Scenario: Quotations can be duplicated
Given an "existing quotation" contains "product line items, quantities and discounts"
When the "existing quotation" is cloned
Then a "new quotation" object is created
And the "new quotation" inherits the Organization and Opportunity lookup references from the "existing quotation"
And the "new quotation" inherits the "product line items, quantities and discounts" from the "existing quotation"






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