Updates for Gmail and G Suite features

Hi Insightly users,

Recently, we have released some updates that will affect some of our Gmail and G Suite features.

Over the past year, Google has been changing how third-party applications, like Insightly, access user data through Google provided APIs. We have made some updates on our end so that our users can continue to integrate their Insightly data with Google.

Users that may be affected by this change:

  • Non-G Suite users who have set up Insightly Google Integrations (Contact Sync, Calendar Sync, Google Drive).
  • Non-G Suite users who use the Insightly CRM Sidebar for Gmail.*
  • Users that have set up their Insightly account to send email with a Gmail account other than the G Suite address they use to sign in to Insightly.

In order for these features to continue to work without interruption, you will have to revoke and reauthorize them. Don't worry - it's a simple process that will only take a few minutes of your time.

Please follow the directions in the following documentation.

How to reauthenticate your Google integrations

How to reauthenticate your Gmail credentials

*If you are a non-G Suite user that uses the Insightly CRM Sidebar for Gmail, you will lose the ability to save emails through the Sidebar. Unfortunately, we do not have control over this and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued support.



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    Hi Charles and other users who have posted - i.e google api change

    First off, we totally feel your pain.  Please know, this wasn't a decision on our part. This was a change that was facilitated and required by Google. This is not a blame game. We were required to make the necessary changes to stay within compliance of using Google's API.  While we absolutely want you to stay with Insightly, and you do have other options to save emails into your CRM -- Insightly mailbox or BCC -- we understand that this may be less desirable for your company.  Additionally, we also understand that Insightly isn't for everyone and if you choose to leave -- again we don't want that -- we understand and will do what we can to help make that transition as painless as possible.  


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  • hi - we ahve an issue.   We use G Suite but we have not registered our users on Insightly using the G Suite option - they are just registered by their emails.  As a result, we have all lost access to the Quick Save function from our Gmail Insightly Sidebar. 

    I have tried logging out and logging in again using the G-Suite option, but it says:

    'Sorry, you do not have login permission for Insightly.
    Administrators who can add your login to Insightly are XXXXXX@xxx'

    ...and unfortunately this administrator is no longer at the company.

    Is there a way we can this sorted as we want to have the Quick Save function back?


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  • I have spent hours trying to re authenticate my Gmail account, etc. and apparently we no longer have the ability to save email received in Gmail to Insightly??????????????

    We can save outgoing email by doing the BCC with our Insightly address from User Settings => Mailbox. Does this mean there is no way to save incoming email from our connected Gmail account?

    This has been beyond frustrating. I am a G Suite user, but originally set up Insightly as a regular user and connected things according to instructions.

    Now it appears not being a G Suite user was a major mistake, or perhaps using Insightly was an even larger mistake.

    Could you please give some guidance?

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  • I am a G Suite user, but originally set up Insightly as a regular user. I've now lost the ability to save emails and I'm unable to sign in using G Suite. 

    A previous post from Insightly called "Insightly for G Suite" versus a non-G Suite account states:

    "Insightly for G Suite accounts offer one feature that other Insightly accounts do not: You can log in to Insightly directly from G Suite's app grid. Other than that, they are the same."

    This is obviously not true! THE MAIN DIFFERENCE IS THAT YOU CAN'T SAVE EMAILS! The post goes on to say:

    "To be extra clear: A non-G Suite account cannot be changed to an Insightly for G Suite account or vice versa, and accounts cannot be merged. If you register for one type of Insightly account and decide to change it later, you will have to create a whole new account and transfer your main records manually. It's not fun."

    So, to save emails, I need G Suite setup. To transfer it over is a nightmare. You are apparently not offering any help of support to those of us affected by this.

    So annoyed. You should offer to move me and others affected by this over to a G-Suite account at your end, and transfer all of our data for us. If this isn't resolved soon we will be looking elsewhere.

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  • This is a MAJOR problem for Gmail users. One of the things that attracted me originally was Insightly seemed to be built around Google functionality. In the last 6 - 12 months, Google functionality and usefulness has diminished DRAMATICALLY.

    1. We used to have the capability when sending email from Google select the orange button at the bottom to save the email to Insightly automatically. That went away within the last year.
    2. Now we are told (after being told upon setup the only difference between being a "regular user that used Google" and a G Suite user was you could sign in to Insightly from within the Google environment. Now we recently find out that a "regular user" using Google can no longer Quick Save with the Google Sidebar.
    3. We are told, well you can now CC outgoing emails with your Insightly email address (at least one more step), and incoming emails now have to be Forwarded to your Insightly email address (at least a couple EXTRA steps, and oh, by the way, it DOESN'T work).
    4. Let's lift up the hood (I've spent time I do not have trying to fix this), and Insightly has provided the following "solution": 
    5. Use the To field to forward received messages

      When you receive an email that you would like to save to Insightly, forward it to Insightly by entering your mailbox address in the To field.

      When Insightly receives the message, the system will look through the first 10 lines of the email body for email addresses and domains in the original message header. (It will not link the email to other addresses in the ToCC, or BCC fields.)

    6. For those of us that wish to have an email Signature, and may be in a regulated industry that requires a disclaimer Footer, you have to take yet another step:
    7. Go into Insightly Home, look at Recent Activity, click on the email that was only saved to myself under my Contact information, and Link the above email to the appropriate Contact person that sent you the email in the first place.

    Is there anybody in their right mind that believes the above is close to being reasonable for busy Users in this day in age of technology?? Insightly has gotten DRAMATICALLY less efficient for Gmail users.

    Insightly has gone from being a really good CRM, excellent Google interfacing, small business friendly, reasonably priced to an absolute DISASTER for us. At this point they are blaming it on Google, which I don't buy at all. Unless Insightly can provide a solution soon, it appears to leave us little choice than to leave, and I intend to charge Insightly for my time.

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  • Hi Zeke

    I understand this is Google, not your doing.   In our case, we are a G Suite user but we didn;t use the G Suite option to log in to Insightly.   As I understand it, if we were logged in with G Suite, then this would not be an issue and the Quick Save functionality should still work - is that correct?

    If it is, my question is is it possible to change our existing accounts to be logged in with G Suite account instead of via the emails (which incidentally are our G Suite emails), and would this regain the functionality? And if it is, then pls explain how we can do it.


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  • I understand that this is a Google issue, but surely you could look at making it easy for us to convert our accounts to G Suite?

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