Google Contacts and Insightly Integration Issues



We are just beginning to work with Insightly and so are still learning.  While the program is great, we are having some issues with the google integration, particularly that (a) Google Contacts sync isn't working and (b) the in-line editor isn't working within our Google Apps gmail accounts.

Regarding the contacts

1.  Systems Settings/Google Contact Sync is enabled.

2. User Settings/Contact Sync is enabled with "Keep a copy of your Insightly contacts in your Google Contacts" and the Add contacts to my contacts is disabled

3.  The record in User Settings/Contact Sync says "Contacts in Insightly: 508 Contacts in Google: 508"

4.  When I log into the associated account, it says Contacts of 2,578 but there is no Insightly folder and key contacts from Insightly are not represented in the list.

Also, I installed the sidebar app but it is not suggesting content and just saying "Open email Choose an email address that recommends Insightly content" (translated from German).  I am imagining these two things are connected.

Any insight appreciated 





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  • Hello Nate,

    I see you submitted a ticket for this # 223809. Please keep an eye out for my colleague's response to your questions/issues. They'll be with you and help support you. 

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