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We've been asked to build some Insightly API integration that pushes data into custom fields and objects in a client's Insightly CRM.  We therefore a need a test copy of their Insightly set up that has no real business-critical data in it. This is a requirement both from a privacy and data integrity perspective.

How should we go about this.  From searching, it looks like the recommendation is to set up a free plan (or trial) on a new, unrelated email address.  How would we create the corresponding setup of custom fields and objects and page layouts -- can we export these and import them, or do we have to create them manually?

If we do have to create a free test sandbox for our development and user acceptance testing (UAT) and manually configure it, will this expire at somepoint and therefore need to go through the whole process again?  Is there any way of keeping the two sites' configuration (not data) in sync - e.g. getting new or changed fields or object definitions copied across?

We'd like to experiment with the webhooks too in future, but my understanding is that this is not supported in the free version, so how would we go about that?  Surely the recommendation can't be that we develop and test against the production site?

What is the recommended or best practice approach to Insightly API development and testing?



  • Having started down the process of creating a free plan and manually adding the fields that I need, I've already hit a limit of just 2 custom fields which means this approach won't work.  Does the free trial allow more fields?  But will I have to abandon this setup and recreate everything, manually, every 14 days (and update the API keys etc. in our config)?

    Looking forward to some advice on the best and expected way to approach this sort of development and testing.

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  • Hi Andy,

    There is currently non Sandbox/Dev account for Insightly, so your process of creating a new account and using that will be the best option. 


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  • Hi Alex

    That's a real shame - can you confirm that that means that every two weeks we will need to:

    • create a new email address and trial account
    • manually recreate all existing custom objects, fields and page layouts
    • compare with our production site by eye to spot any changes
    • and populate it with test data

    that seems like quite a lot of overhead for API developers to manage, with a lot of scope for mistakes?

    (And yet doesn't support webhook or lambda function dev/testing.)

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