Outlook 2016, Sidebar does not work

Hi there 

We cannot get the insightly side-bar to work for Outlook 2016. We do have a subscription for office and have the sidebar installed. However we get a warning which states:

Error in add-in

The add-on could not read because internet Explorer is deactivated. 


Does anyone know how to fix this?



  • Hey Janus,

    Are you using Internet Explorer and are you using Outlook desktop or online version? 

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  • Hi Alejandro 


    Thank you for your reply. We are using Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge.

    Outlook the problem is with the desktop 2016 version. The online version works great, but the add in for the desktop version will not work.

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  • Janus was your exchange account migrated to O365? I'm not sure about all the technical details but what I found during our implementation was that once my O365 account was activated I could still access my email from both my outlook 2016 and O365. BUT the add-in would not install (I recall that I got a different error). My IT admin then had to migrate my exchange account and once that was done I could install the add-in on outlook 2016 and it worked fined.

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