Relationship not showing up in Related tab

I'm setting up Insightly for a client who works in the property sector. Each Contact can own multiple Properties.

We've created a Custom Object named "Property" and setup some sample records.

Within the Property Custom Object, we've created a field named "Property Owner", which is a Lookup Relationship field of type Contact. We've also setup the Field Label, Field Name and Related List Name as per the instructions in the article:

We've setup the Property's "Property Owner" field to be an existing Contact in Insightly.

When we click the Related tab of that Property, we still see the message "This object is not linked to any other objects. Add a lookup relationship field to connect this object to another object."

We've also tried the other way around, i.e. creating a Lookup Relationship field in Contacts of type Property. We've given the Related List Name field a value, however we don't see any way to list a related Property in the Related tab - it only shows other Lookup Relationship fields (Organizations etc. and a Custom Field named Client Manager of type Contact).

Are we missing something in the setup of the Lookup Relationship field? We've tried a lot of variations, including naming the field to "PropertyOwnedByContact" so it's got no spaces in the name.



  • Hi John, 

    Insightly views the look-up relationship fields different than the normal related tab. You will be able to pull reports on properties that have the look-up field for a specific contact and vise versa but you will not see that information in the related tab of the contact or property. 

    If you need further assistance in strategizing your set up, I am happy to be of assistance. 


    Erin Mathie

    Business Made Simple

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  • Hi John,

    What you need can be done.

    You can have relationship lookup fields for each object to lookup each other's record, which will add the property or contact to the related tab in each record.

    You can reenter multiple properties into the contact record custom field or add a property from the contacts related tab, so you get multiple property records linked showing in the related tab.

    The latter option will automatically put the contact in the property's contact relationship lookup field thus showing the contact in the property's related tab as well.

    Lastly, you may want build a zap to and from the contact and property records to auto update the custom relationship lookup fields thus updating the related tab should you need the flexibility choose the former option i.e. adding a property from the quick add button or property page.

    My client and I had the exact same issue. We ended up migrating our properties custom object to organizations because he wanted to auto link tasks from opportunities and projects, files and events to the property record... so if you plan on centering the CRM around the property, you may want the full features default object instead.

    Let me know if you need any additional help.

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Micah,

    Thanks again for your detailed response.

    I'm wondering if you did anything different to how we've setup the custom relationship lookup fields? I feel like we've set it up as per Insightly's instructions which should give us the functionality that you explained but we don't see the fields in the Related tab.



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  • You're welcome, John.

    Did you create a custom relationship property lookup field in the contact object and edit the page layout related views for both objects?

    If that doesn't work it could be an issue with your client's insightly instance. A few months ago I saw a field in the page layout related list view disappear and had to message support for assistance.

    If you can provide screenshots that would help.

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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